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Despoiler is a Team Objective arena racer where players pilot hovercraft across the desolate wildlands. It is a game of strategic and competitive escalation where strategic team play is as critical to your success as your piloting skills. Check out our brand new Gameplay trailer, and try our free beta now!


Alpha Download


Important info!

Early in our development, we released this alpha as a proof of concept, something that anyone could try if they were interested.  Since this release we've been Green-lit on Steam, and are working hard to release the full game there, including all the extra polish, features, performance optimizations, and content you would expect in the final game.  

This alpha version will remain accessible and function as-is indefinitely.  If you like what you see check us out on steam, mid 2017.

System Requirements

You will need a relatively modern PC to get the most out of Despoiler.

Currently our recommended system requirements (for high settings at 1080p):

  • ATI R9270x minumum (by all means try with lower - let us know how you go!)
  • Intel i5 2.5ghz or better
  • 1.5 gb Disk Space
  • Internet connection
  • Steam desktop client installed and signed in

These are just recommended specs.  If you have a less powerful computer you might still be able to run the game on lower settings at lower fps, but your experience may be less than optimal.  The biggest performance hog currently is shadow quality, so you can try lowering that first.

Although our game isn't on steam yet, our game uses steam servers to connect you to games, and won't work without it.  If you don't have steam you can download it from this link:  Download Steam


The Team

We are a brand new team of seven working on creating thrilling multiplayer experiences in UE4.  We’re passionate about good frame-rates, beautiful game worlds, high tick-rates, and the keyboard and mouse.  We love skill based games – if you're better, you'll win.  We have a talented team specializing in everything from C++ and Blueprint to SpeedTree, Substance and WorldMachine.

We’re hard at work at the moment bringing Despoiler to Steam!

If you want to get in touch you can use the contact form on this site, or alternatively you can email us at: thedevs@despoilergame.com






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