What's next for Despoiler?

We made it through greenlight in a couple of weeks which was awesome!  Thanks everybody for the love!  So, what comes next?

Here's what we have planned for Despoiler in the near future.

Features planned for steam release:

  • Fixes for known issues
  • Dedicated server support
  • Performance optimization
  • New maps
  • Visual customisation
  • Seamless travel between levels (don't have to go back to main menu at the end of game)
  • Move to UE4.14 - with all the nice new optimizations and features it brings.
  • Improved Steam integration (joining from friends, achievements etc)

Features we're investigating, but no promises:

  • TrueSky integration (have you seen how beautiful this tech is?  - Elliot, graphics nerd)
  • True Volumetric Lighting
  • Match replay
  • Stat tracking
  • Progression system
  • Other platforms (let us know what you'd like to see first)

We're super excited to keep making Despoiler the best it can be.  Remember, the alpha is yours to keep and play forever.  It will never stop working.  Steam here we come.

Thanks friends,