Alpha time!

Greenlight is live and the Alpha is available.  And our sick new Gameplay trailer is online too!  Check it out above!

This trailer was edited by our Artist, Harrison, with mad sound mix by the talented Jesse Sidders who was a pleasure to work with!

So, what even is our game?

Game-mode - How does it work?
In Despoiler, teams scavenge valuable scrap from the level, and the team with the most at the end of a (15min) match wins.
Scrap can be found lying about the environment - left by the miners who've long vacated the lands.  Their old silos are also still full of the stuff, so tear them apart with your weaponry and make it rain.
You carry the scrap on the hull of your hovercraft where it absorbs damage, functioning like armour.  Careful though, because it's also heavy and the more you have the heavier and slower your vehicle will get.
Once you drop scrap off to your base, your team will start unlocking utilities and upgrades.  Careful though, re-spawning costs your team some scrap - meaning your team progress can be set back if you die too much. 

Six Utilities

  1. Quick Drop - Drop all carried scrap instantly.  Good for speedy getaways or faster resource gathering.
  2. Nitrous - For when you... feel the need... for speed.  Sorry.  I'll show myself out
  3. Dash - A moment of instant acceleration.  Good for agility in fights, and for getting moving quickly.
  4. Jump - Also good in fights, but also great for taking shortcuts that might be otherwise inaccessible.  We'll leave those for you to Discover on your own though.
  5. Drop Shield - Drop a shield to protect you while scavenging, defend your base, or to tip the balance of a team-fight.
  6. EMP - an emp mine that's dropped behind your vehicle that, when hit, disables an enemy craft for a short moment.  Great for escaping pursuers.  Only lasts for a very short time so make sure you capitalize on hits effectively. 

Three Vehicles

  1. Hovercraft - The starting vehicle for all Despoiler's.  Most well rounded of the lot.  Competitive fighter.  
  2. Harvester - Armed with what is essentially a gigantic shotgun, the harvester is excellent at demolishing scrap scrap silos around the level, and stealing enemy scrap.  Quite weak against other vehicles, however, so be ready to escape if the enemy tries to gank you.
  3. Tank - Does damage.  Lots of damage.  3x health of the hovercraft, and can kill a hovercraft in two hits.  Slow movement and turn speed make it vulnerable to enemies that can get up close and behind.  Also, tanks can damage themselves if their shots land too close.  Try to keep distance between you and the enemy.  

Remember to vote for us on Greenlight so we can continue to develop Despoiler further, if you like.  

And check out our indiedb page too if you so desire.  There're some high res screenshots there, and we'll be updating it regularly with new goodies too.

Have fun!

- Elliot